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Common Questions

Common Questions

What is Telehealth


Telehealth is a virtual way to connect with your therapist via your computer or phone within the comfort or your location.  You can be located anywhere in the state of Florida and schedule a virtual appointment with your therapist.  All you need is access to internet.  You can use your computer or phone to engage in a therapy appointment all through a HIPAA compliant platform so that your sessions are confidential. 

Is Telehealth Effective?


Research continues to affirm the efficacy of tele-mental health services, with studies showing that videoconferencing is as effective as face-to-face treatments [1] ; Telehealth is an effective and viable way for people to get the care that they need 


Telehealth overcomes many challenges of obtaining care.  Since the pandemic more people are seeking out support from themselves and their family members.  In person appointments can be challenging to obtain with limited provider availability.  


Telehealth allows for you to receive personal treatment where you are at.  You no longer are limited to finding an appointment within driving distance.  Telehealth allows me to be able to see client’s throughout the entire state of Florida.  It’s convenient, and all you need is a good internet or cell signal.  
[1] Source:

How do you ensure my privacy and confidentiality?


I use HIPAA compliant software to ensure complete confidentiality of communication both verbal and written.  My email: is HIPAA compliant and encrypted, and I use HIPAA compliant video conferencing for live sessions.  


Potential risks for privacy are limited to the location of the client.  For instance, one will need to be aware of the location of their therapy session as to avoid anyone else overhearing.  


Rest assured that your communication with me, paperwork, live video sessions and email communication is fully encrypted to meet the requirements of HIPAA compliance.  



Benefits of Therapy


Increased Empathy for yourself and others

Better Physical Health

Increased comfort with difficult conversations

You may help others people find confidence to seek help




Neurofeedback at Home

Neurofeedback is clinically proven to help the brain learn to interact with different neurons so that they communicate together.  Neurofeedback can be used for a variety of symptoms including those associated with:  Anxiety, Depression, Mood, ADHD, Trauma, Memory and more. 

Treatments can be performed in the comfort of your home with a simple headband.  Continuous and consistent training can yield permanent positive changes within the brain.  Whereas traditional Neurofeedback, one would have to go into an office a few days a week, this program allows you to train wherever you are at and as often as you like.  The more you train the better your results!

Please see these helpful links for more information on Neurofeedback with the Myndlift Program:

Cost per month is $150 for unlimited training at home.  Your programs and brain waves will be monitored by your clinician and appropriate adjustments in programs will be made to help you reach your target goals. 

ADHD Evaluation

Local Residents may request an ADHD evaluation.  The evaluation is called QbCheck and is the only FDA approved evaluation for ADHD.  This evaluation is appropriate for children and adults.  The evaluation takes about 20 minutes and is done on a computer.  Results are provided within 90 seconds of completion of the evaluation, so you will know right away where you score!  These evaluations are helpful for providers prescribing medications, as well as for working with schools where one may require extra supports in the classroom to succeed. 

Cost per Evaluation: $150 (includes drive time to your home)

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