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Welcome to hope

Welcome to Hope! My name is Melissa and I have 19 years experience with kids, teens and adults.  I come pretty darn close to having heard and seen almost everything!  Do you feel like you need someone who will actually LISTEN and HEAR what you have to say.  Are you saying to yourself “I don’t know what to do to make this better.”  Maybe you want someone who will see you as a person and not just a client or patient. You get started by reaching out, and I'll help you to recognize personal strengths you can use to help you feel better about your life, and challenge thoughts and behaviors that do not work toward your goals.


I’m here to let you know that whatever ‘IT’ is can get better!

Want someone who really understands Anxiety and/or Depressive symptoms? Maybe you need  someone to listen & guide your focus in the midst of juggling responsibilities & stressors. Have you experienced trauma & are ready to work through it so that you can make peace with it and feel more joyful, in control and be able to move forward in your life?


I can help you understand where your symptoms come from, learn to stay in the present moment, and teach you how to help calm yourself when anxiety is high, and navigate depressive symptoms so you can handle life.  Do you have trauma, maybe from a long time ago, or something recent, I know how to work with and fully understand the symptoms that present with trauma: like anxiety, panic, intense fear.


Do you have young Children or  a Teenager that you know need help with something but you just can’t figure it out? Don't think your kids can do virtual therapy or it wont work?  I do this successfully every day!

 I can teach your child how to identify and express emotions, & deal with hard situations.  Does your child have ADHD and you're not really sure what to expect behaviorally or how to help?  I got you.

If you don’t know where to start, if you’re beginning to doubt

that areas in life can’t get better, if you feel like you’ve hit your rock bottom,

or you’re pretty darn close I’d like to help.

Hope for Healing Counseling, LLC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I love what I do and am committed to offering personalized treatment and guidance to meet your needs, and help you recognize your full potential.  I truly find joy in being a therapist and helping others.​  

Everyone needs support along their life journey, and I believe that we all have within us what is needed to become the person we want to be, and create the life we want.

My approach is warm but direct. I want to challenge you when you need to be challenged, and step back and provide support and empathy when you need it.


Wherever you are in your life’s journey, you're not alone. If you are seeking help for relationship issues, interpersonal issues, or simply want to explore that part of you that feels like something is just missing, then I’d like to be the person to help you go further on your journey.​


​I use evidenced based practices  to help you reach your goals (which is a fancy way of saying a bunch of researchers, scientists and medical doctors got together over time [a long time], and for each individual type of diagnosis, found what tools and strategies are effective in helping different people experiencing similar issues find relief).  Keep in mind, I'm not "one size fits all." 

We do what science has proven to be effective, but we do it in a way that makes sense to you

and works for you (because if it doesn't work then what's the point right)!


Tele-Mental Health services allow us to connect from the comfort of your home and you can expect the same high quality confidential services that you would receive in an office setting.

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