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I utilize evidence based practices to instill self understanding and encourage you to understand your emotions, better manage life situations, and shift negative thoughts.  I provide education regarding your symptoms so that you can better understand your responses and behaviors.  When treating children, I actively collaborate with the parent(s) providing useful feedback on how to best support your child so that you feel empowered and confident to address presenting issues.


(Age 5-8)

With children I utilize a combination of play therapy, art, music, narrative therapy, and role play.  Children learn through play and imitation.  The content of their play allows me to understand how they perceive their world.  Through play I am able to introduce new coping skills, identify feelings, allow for processing of emotions, and role play ways to respond to tough situations.


During this developmental stage children are learning about their feelings, trying to be more independent, socialize more and developing critical and abstract thinking.  Family relationships are still the most important influence on child development.


(Ages 9-12)

With pre-teens I utilize a combination of talk therapy, role playing, and narrative therapy to help them understand their emotions and appropriately voice frustration as well as role play ways to respond to challenging situations.

During this developmental stage it is common for your child to make attempts to become more autonomous, independent and start to pull away from their parent.  Add in puberty and there are plenty of areas of challenge.  

No matter how much they try to pull away, they still need and want mom and dad (even if they don't say or act like they do)!



(Age 13-18)

With teenagers I can take a more direct approach with talk therapy and utilization of small personalized homework assignments that aim to improve areas that are challenging.   

Teenagers can be impulsive and struggle with making decisions mainly due to the area of the brain responsible for making sound decisions not being fully formed yet.



(Age 18+)

With adults I utilize talk therapy along with appropriate treatment styles that help you to understand your motivation for specific thoughts and behaviors.  I also provide support for challenges with communication, work life balance, and help to improve self confidence in decision making, as well as identification of healthy work and personal relationships.


AREAS OF EXPERTISE                  



Family Issues

Divorce and/or Separation

Self Esteem/Self Confidence Issues

Behavioral Issues

Peer Social Issues



Sexual Assault Survivors

Vocational Stress


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Play Therapy Techniques  

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Motivational Interviewing

Family Systems 

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Parent Child Interaction (PCIT)

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Trauma Informed Care

Behavioral Therapy


That sounds like a lot doesn’t it!  Rest assured that I use a combination of the above methods according to what your symptoms are to ensure the best outcome for your success.

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